About Whitenacho

This is a chronology of my life from a young boy to eventually now at 51 years old. I started this blogging thing about nine months ago when I took a little hiatus from over the road truck driving. I have found this experience very enjoyable, therapeutic, and a little scary. I’ve put pen to paper for me and about me. But my wish is that you might find some of these stories entertaining in retrospect to your own life. These are real stories about real events that happened to yet another boomer, simply growing up “basking” in the spirit of Southern California.

Thank You and Enjoy



3 Responses to “About Whitenacho”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Your stories are amazing… I am too young to know what real southern california was about, my parents grew up there and have told great stories, but yours make me wish I was 25 years older. For everyone out there that cant appreciate California for what it really is they should leave. I grew up in SLO and wish all the time that I was back there. Keep up the good work! Thanks!!


  2. Stephanie Says:


    Where have you been? It’s mid-May and I havent heard from you since the begining of April! I hope all is well, I look forward to more blog postings whenever you get the chance! Thanks, Stephanie


  3. joey Says:

    Hi, i too love your blog i stumbled across it earlier today I was riddled with boredom in work nothing to do so naturally enough YouTube got a look in, after recently watching Dig! I’ve been checking out the brian jonestown massacre quite a bit lately, your excellent cover of nevertheless gave me good guidance on the correct way to play the song with a bit of practice of course. I saw them last summer at a festival called Benicassim in Valencia but I didn’t appreciate how good their music was then, so the gig was wasted on me, I didn’t enjoy it as much then as i know I would now. That’s when I decided that’s this dude looks like an interesting character, which I found that I was pleasantly unsurprised that i was right. Well I haven’t finished it yet but what i have read has been a joy to read some of the storys remind me of the early life of a character George Jung that Johhny Depp played in the film blow the parties etc, I’m so happy that i have found a tool to stave off boredom when i find i have little to do in work, cheers for that, Joey.


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