“I am Iron Man!”

iron-man.jpgFear is a powerful motivator.

Shortly after Rick had bought us the house in Sunland, and we were all moved in things started to go downhill really fast between my mother and Rick. At first things were “normal” much like they were with my first step father. Rick came home from work. We all ate dinner together. We all watched TV. The kids went to bed. Then the fuckin fireworks started.

Rick liked his Coors, and he drank it alot. Despite his love for his beer he was in really good shape. Like a stocky running back. He was a master mechanic, and I think he built heavy duty hydraulic machinery for a living. He handled lots of big heavy tools.

Now I think Rick got played by my mother. I think she latched on to someone out of desperation after the divorce from her last husband. Rick was young, good looking and had a good job. My mother was good looking but had some major baggage, four kids. Despite the baggage Rick took the bait. I think he got in a little over his head, although he did give it a good try. In retrospect I can see that now. The only thing I could glean out of my mothers relationship with Rick is that she cut off the sex after about 8 months into the marriage. I deduced this theory because I no longer heard the headboard bouncing against the wall on a regular basis.

Then one night after us kids were in bed, Rick started yelling and cussing and just basically going off on my mom. Then my mother started yelling and cussing and just basically going of on Rick. As the argument escalated I began to here things like “I’m going to fucking kill you, you god damn cunt!” Then SMACK, THUD, SMACK, THUD!” Then silence. I heard someone trying to get up. The lamp fell off the end table, I heard the bulb pop. “Where the fuck do you think your going BITCH,” SMACK, THUD, SMACK. More silence only this time longer. I know my bother and sisters were hearing this but no one said a thing. At thirteen I was old enough to want to kick some ass, but not old enough to kick Ricks ass. I had to do something. I got out of bed. I was wearing my boxer shorts and a T-shirt. I was really fuckin scared. I grabbed a miniature wooden baseball bat that was on my dresser and started slowly walking down the hallway to the living room. As I slowly rounded the corner I peaked into the living room to see Rick standing over my mother on the floor in the corner with his back to me. I went into the living room. “FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. It startled the hell out of him as he turned around and stumbled, he had a bottle of beer in his hand. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU FUCKIN SHIT!” “I SAID YOUR A FUCKIN ASSHOLE!” Now I was really up shit creek. I suddenly thought to myself, “Your going to need a bigger bat.” He charged at me. I was standing by the front door and I went for it. I was running to save my life. I was running across the street to the Schaffers house because I knew Rick would not go there because the Schaffer bothers were some bad ass motherfuckers and their little brother Graig was my bud. I heard what sounded like a breaking beer bottle behind me, I thought Rick threw it at me. As I turned on the run to look, I saw Rick lying in the middle of the street on his face. Apparently he fell running off the curb and slipped on a big oil spot. He fell forward doing a belly flop on the asphalt, breaking his beer bottle.

It took a little while for Rick to peel himself off of the asphalt. He had some pretty good road rash on his arms and face from the fall. When he finally got to his feet LAPD was pulling around the corner as was my uncle Tom who worked for LAPD. They apprehended him before he got back into the house.

I went back into the house as the cops were dealing with Rick. My mom was beaten pretty badly. She had two black eyes and her lips were cut and bleeding her nose was also bleeding. there was blood all over in the corner of the living room. The police offered to get her an ambulance but she refused. She did go to the doctors the next day and she wore sunglasses day and night for a couple weeks.

Rick came back a few weeks later to say he was sorry. My mom accepted.


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