“Bobby Gun”

bobby-gun.jpgHi! It’s good to see you again, How is everything going? Yeah I know what you mean. Well you can’t please everybody until you stop trying. Then you please yourself. Hey isn’t that an inspiration from a Ricky Nelson song? Sorta.

It was the middle of August and my younger sister Linda and I were going to be dropped off at our cousins house in Sunland California for an overnighter. My aunt Joyce had four kids, Bobby 7, Anita 9, Kim 8, and Leslie 5 then add my sister Linda 6 and myself 8 and you got your weekend brood. Their dad Tom was a detective with LAPD.

I loved going over to my cousins because we always found something fun to do, and they had a built in swimming pool with a diving board! That hot August day we played and swam in the pool until our eyes were pink and our lungs were sore from the chlorine and smog.

It was later in the afternoon around 4:30 when my aunt came out back and told all of us to put some dry clothes on because we were all going to the grocery store. We dragged ourselves out to the big Chrysler station wagon and climbed in. Bobby up front with aunt Joyce,
Linda, Leslie and Anita in the back, and Kim and I in the very rear bench that looked out the back window.

We arrived at the supermarket and my aunt parked the car around the back of the store to provide us with some shade. She told us all to stay in the car and behave. After leaving us there in the car we all started ruff housing and teasing and just doing what kids do when stuck in a car. Bobby was all alone up front in the drivers seat pretending he was driving.

We were all playing around when suddenly Anita screamed out ” BOBBY’S GOT A GUN!” I was in the very back seat with Kim and we turned around and saw Bobby with one of his fathers service revolvers in his hands pointing it back at all of us. Apparently my uncle had placed it under the station wagons front seat and forgot about it. We were all scared stiff. We didn’t say a thing because we didn’t want him to pull the trigger.  As far as we knew that fucker was loaded.  Even at seven years old Bobby got on a power trip.  He knew he had control and he liked it.  He told us all to get out of the car, and we did.  He told us all to line up against the car, and we did.  I didn’t know what was going to happen next.  I thought about running but then he might shoot me in the back. Besides if I ran and got away he might shoot everybody else.  So I stood there.  Since we were parked in the back of the store there wasn’t alot of pedestrian traffic.  Then we saw a box boy come out the back to collect shopping carts. He looked over at us and kinda stood there stunned. Bobby’s back was to him so he didn’t notice him.  We all kept quiet as we watch the box boy approach us. “Whats going on over here!” he said to Bobby. Bobby whirled around startled and saw the “adult.” The gun fell to his side and the box boy quickly took it away from him.  It was at this time that my aunt came out of the store pushing her cart full of food and looked over at the scene in front of her.  Kids lined up along the side of the car with Bobby and the box boy standing there with a gun in the box boys hand. “Oh My God! whats going on?” “Maa’m are these your kids?” “Yes!” “well this one had this gun in his hands with the rest of them up against the car when I came out here.” He turned the gun over to my aunt.

Needless to say Bobby got a double whoopin first by his mom, and then later, when his dad got home. I don’t know what Tom and Joyce said to each other about leaving that revolver under the seat.


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